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Development of sustainable architecture projects.


Institut Català del Sòl / Manresa / Barcelona

2004-2006 / 2.500.000  / 3.500 m2

Architects J. Sabaté, H. Espeche

Associate Architect M. Forteza-Rey

Team H. Mercader, A. Pizzolatto

Structure Bernuz Fernandez Arquitectes

Economic Control X. Aumedes

This building of rented housing for young people has one floor divided into four squares, one  accommodating all elements of building services andinstallations. The structure is arranged on the outside insuch a way  that allows maximum freedom in the distribution and avoids the discontinuity of the building enclosure. The divisions are solved with light mortar panels, from floor to ceiling, which are complete with an exterior ventilated aluminium sheet in the facades.



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