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Development of sustainable architecture projects.


Institut Català del Sòl / Tossa de Mar / Girona

ongoing / 6.500.000 €  / 7.700 m²

Architects J. Sabaté, H. Espeche

Associate Architects F. Pesl, N. Ayza

Team A. Artiz, V. Díaz

Structure M.A.Sala, BOMA

Building Services Vidal Ingenieria S.L.

Environmental Services Societat Orgànica

Economic Control A. Moreno

The project consists of three parallel buildings with four floors of apartments, with the main facades to the southwest and rear façades to the notheast. All units have cross ventilation and a large balcony or garden on the main facade. Above the basement car parking there is a communal garden with access to the vertical cores. The homogeneous materials of the housing units contrasts with the added items, wood or metal, such as shutters balconies and circulation cores.



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