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Development of sustainable architecture projects.


GISA / Gironella

ongoing /  €  /  m²

Architects J. Sabaté

Associate Architects N. Ayza

Team A. Ferrer, O.Vidal, M.Mias

Structure BOMA

Building Services Vidal Ingenieria S.L.

Economic Control Aumedes DAP

This project involves the expansion of the Gironella primary school with a new building where classrooms are located, and reforming the existing buildings where larger rooms such as gym, dining room, library and psychometric room are located.

The project’s objective is to achieve, apart from a building that fulfils the functional objectives of the school, an energy efficient building with low environmental impact. A building that reduces operational energy demand in addition to using low embodied energy materials for its construction,, so as to achieve a comfortable building, reducing energy costs both of construction and use.


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