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“We look for the synthesis between the architectural quality, the environmental efficiency and the social responsibility” J. Sabaté


Zona Franca Consortium  / Barcelona

30.000.000 €  / 16.600 m²

Architects J. Sabaté, A. Cazurra, H. Espeche

Team Maurizio Rodríguez, Lorena Fernández, Federico Imbrogiano, Aina Ferrer, Iolanda Murakame, Federico Pesl, Ana Moreno, Manuel Garrido, Ángela Casas


Geotechnic: Geotecnia;

Water Resources: Amphos 21;

Lighting: Bartenbach Lichtlabor;

Project management:Integral

Structure R. Brufau, BOMA

Building Services Grupo JG

Construction Managment
Xavier Aumedes, Aumedes DAP

The BST is a reference centre for processing blood and human tissues, and also a public stem cell bank. The building is a rectangular prism, supported by the concrete load bearing façade and four inner service cores, which are erected above an under-ground space  where blood processing takes place. Reducing energy demand and the incorporation of highly efficient systems will lead to an 87% reduction in the consumption of air conditioning.



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