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Development of sustainable architecture projects.


City Council of Manresa, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Manresa / Barcelona

2001 / 3.050.000 €  / 3.000 m²

Architects J. Sabate, H. Espeche, E. Massip

Team A. Cazurra, F. Cantarell, M. Rifà

Structure R. Brufau, BOMA

Building Services Instal•lacions arquitectòniques

Environmental Services J.M.de Botton

Economic Control X. Aumedes

The project proposes a new volume that follows the typology of the pavilions of the slaughterhouse in Manresa, and it completes the unfinished central plaza, in the spirit of the original building while avoiding falling into the formal imitation. The materials and technology used are the answer to the discussion of organizational flexibility, the rigorous construction and energy efficiency.


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