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“We look for the synthesis between the architectural quality, the environmental efficiency and the social responsibility” J. Sabaté


City Council of Tarragona / Tarragona

2003 / 5.000.000 €  / 4.000 m²

Architects J. Sabaté

Associate Architect L. Montesinos

Structure Bis Arquitectes

Building Services Ibering

Economic Control X. Aumedes

Vegetation S. Kamiya

The project uses the LEED,methodology  from the Green Building Council, to provide a global response to environmental issues. Energy demand and consumption were simulated, and compared to the real consumption of a similar existing building, resulting in 50% improvements compared to a conventional building. 60 % of savings in water consumption were also obtained. Sustainable Building Awards 2006 from DMAH of the Generalitat de Catalunya.



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