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Development of sustainable architecture projects.


Gestió d’Infraestructures, SA / Lleida / Balaguer

ongoing / 9.000.000 €  / 8.000 m2

Architects J. Sabaté, H. Espeche

Associate Architect F. Pesl

Team N. Ayza, A. Artiz, I. Murakame

Structure M.A. Sala, BOMA

Building Services Grupo JG

Economic Control A. Moreno

The expansion of the existing medical centre onto a neighbouring site leads to the project of a free-standing five-story building, linked to the original building with a lobby that becomes the spatial references of the centre. The new building takes the shape  of a prism, covered with horizontal bands of cement-fibre panels separate of the building enclosure, which provide the solar shading of the facade



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